Choosing a Commercial Roofing Contractor And Use Of Photography

Photography provides visual evidence of leaking water, conditions of the roof,
Having documented proof will help purchasers when they begin negotiations on property prices.
Instead of having a he said/she said between the owner’s roof inspector and the purchaser’s inspector,
having a photograph in hand makes the need for repairs hard to deny. Having the photography data information is also useful as it proves the date and time that the photographs were taken.
Photographs provide a record of the general condition of the roof or home property.

Sending a company or contractor photographs before they come to see the problem can help make them aware of the extent of the problem they are assessing. This may trigger them to do further exploration (when it comes to Roofs)
The use of photography in regards to commercial roofing and home inspections is priceless.
Pictures don’t lie, they simply arm the potential buyers with the information they need to get the best price they can get on their new home.

There is going to be a time when the roof of your office building or school needs to be replaced or at least repaired. Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes, and the roofs on our buildings are the ones that take the brunt of her powerful forces. When it comes to making the decision to replace or repair the roof of your building, it is important to choose a roofing contractor with the experience necessary to do the job properly. Below are a few tips for you when it comes to selecting the right commercial roofing contractor.

Ask for references
You never know how well a job will be performed until after the scope of work is complete. The best way to get an indication of what you can expect from a prospective commercial roofer is to ask for references. Once you are given a list of references make sure you actually call on these individuals. Don’t simply go through the motions just to see if they have references, follow up with them. Be sure to ask a lot of questions such as did they stay on budget, were they easy to work with and, most importantly, would you use them again if you had to. Getting the answers to these simple questions is a great way to helping you find the contractor that is right for your roofing job.

Review their website
This seems like a logical place to start, but it is often overlooked. A commercial roofing company wants to put their best foot forward, and this starts with their website. A good website, one that is easy to navigate and shows past work, will help you get a better idea of how proud a company is of their work. If they do good work, they usually want to show it off. Check to see if their site has detailed photography. A plain white roof photos from high above might not tell you a lot, but an up close image of specific repair, and the care that goes into it, will help greatly.

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