When A Photographer Dates an Expert in Water Damage Restoration

I recently went on a date with someone and the experience taught me a lot of new things about something I never thought I’d even consider giving the time to learn about.

Being so obsessed with photography, people think that we are nothing but a bunch of people who know nothing else but to don on beautiful clothes and make up and pose. While it is true that we love doing those things, it does not mean that we no longer want to do other things. It was because of this stereotype that I decided to date someone that is not related to photography, whatsoever.

As a result of the challenge, I ended up dating a water damage expert. And the whole experience with him was fun and very informative. I got to learn a lot of things about an aspect of life that seemed worthless to me at first, but then later found out that it is as important as any other profession.

Beyond his qualities as a good man and as a responsible partner, I really am fond of the fact that through him, I was able to learn about water damage.

I have never personally experience water damage in Atlanta (where my home is). But once, I asked him what they typically do when they respond to an emergency water damage scenario.

This was what he told me that I could still remember:

“In times of emergency situation, the water damage restoration professional will immediately arrive in your place to assess the extent of the damage. We then develop a plan of action and quickly start the drying out process. We have a specialized drying tool use to remove and dry out the water, not just surface water but even water underneath the walls and flooring. When it comes to dependable, reliable, and competent service, nothing can beat the work of a professional.”

I really am thankful for having met such a wonderful guy who shows so much passion for his profession, despite other people looking down on them. I have had the same feeling when people treat photographers with so little respect. Both our type of job has people thinking that it is an easy field because other people can do it – people can do their own plumbing and can buy commercial products to help water damage problems, while people have smartphones that can take pictures in an instant without the need of a professional.

Amidst this misjudgment by other people, I found comfort in a man who is not ashamed of his profession and is very proud. He uplifts me to be just as proud of my career too, no matter what other people may say.

Photographer Dates  Water Damage Restoration Expert

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Perks of ‘Instant Photography’

While I have discussed the many setbacks of the modern technology when it comes to photography – especially in the context of what events are special enough to be taken pictures of – there is of course no denying that it has also greatly helped in providing higher quality photos and has helped more people to become more engaged in the art that is photography.

However, if there is one thing that the photography of today has become very useful for, it is the fact that it can deliver “instant” photos. This “instant” feature of having a picture taken immediately through smartphones, tablets, high-tech cameras and whatnot, is a great thing in the sense that it can be super handy at times when people really need to communicate through images.

What do I mean?

For example, you are on an errand to buy a specific product for your mother or wife or child, and when you get to the grocery store, you are faced with so many products that are equivalent to the ones that you are asked to buy. Before, you would just end up guessing, or if you had credits, you would dial up your home and ask them to describe each product until you land on the exact product. Looking back, it all seemed like a tedious task, especially now when you could just bring out your smartphone, take a picture of the product, message it to the person who asked you to purchase, have them point to you the exact thing they want, and you get out of the grocery confident that you did the favor perfectly.

This scenario is just but one of the many practical benefits that modern age photography has given humans. It has really become more of an everyday use for people, rather than being a “special occasion” thing. There is almost no limit to what a person can do with modern day technology when it comes to taking pictures.

So, there you go. Photography as a practical tool. It is a beautiful thing and it can be well appreciated. People just need to be reminded however, that there is still an art to photography, and just because your camera can take good quality pictures, does not mean that you can go ahead and brag that you are a photographer. It is still an art and skills are still required before you can be truly considered a photographer.

Simply put, appreciate the convenience that the modern age camera can give you, but give the art enough respect to fully learn it first before recognizing that you are a professional of the field.

Here is a video about photography that you might find helpful:

Evolution of Photography

Evolution of Photography

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Now, before you go on checking if this is an actual evolution, then you can stop right there because everything I’m about to write down is nothing but my own take on how I have seen the realm of photography evolve over the past years.

I am nothing more but someone with a heart for photography so I won’t claim that my thoughts are what others see. However, I am pretty sure that everyone is with me when I say that photography has taken a wild transformation over the years, not just in equipment and techniques, but also on how society has come to accept and embraced photography so much to the point of it becoming too much.

When photography was just something new, people only get the chance to take photographs of the most important events of their lives. This is because photography gear then were big, bulky, expensive and even dangerous (it involved gun powder). Then, years passed, cameras became more portable and films only took days to develop; until the age of high tech cameras came hand in hand with camera phones.

If in the old times important events only include special occasions like social gatherings and family reunions, this generation has made every moment and important moment, since everything right now can be captured easily. From the first baby steps of a son/daughter, to the outfit that someone is wearing for that day, and even to taking pictures of what  food one is going to/ currently eating; photographs are taken left and right on smartphones and portable DSLR cameras.

The invention of “selfie” is also a great example of how this generation’s perception of photography and the art of taking pictures has taken such a completely new direction and importance.

This presentation on how so much has changed in the field of photography is not something I say is bad nor good. It is merely an observation that I wanted to talk about, in hopes that people would come to be interested in how this “culture” seemed to have developed over the years. In fact, it has become such a captivating field and now a big part of people’s lives, that the demand of professional photographers have increased. Of course, the supply of photographers have also increased, as a lot of people become easily interested to learn the craft, then ultimately earning from it.

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