Perks of ‘Instant Photography’

While I have discussed the many setbacks of the modern technology when it comes to photography – especially in the context of what events are special enough to be taken pictures of – there is of course no denying that it has also greatly helped in providing higher quality photos and has helped more people to become more engaged in the art that is photography.

However, if there is one thing that the photography of today has become very useful for, it is the fact that it can deliver “instant” photos. This “instant” feature of having a picture taken immediately through smartphones, tablets, high-tech cameras and whatnot, is a great thing in the sense that it can be super handy at times when people really need to communicate through images.

What do I mean?

For example, you are on an errand to buy a specific product for your mother or wife or child, and when you get to the grocery store, you are faced with so many products that are equivalent to the ones that you are asked to buy. Before, you would just end up guessing, or if you had credits, you would dial up your home and ask them to describe each product until you land on the exact product. Looking back, it all seemed like a tedious task, especially now when you could just bring out your smartphone, take a picture of the product, message it to the person who asked you to purchase, have them point to you the exact thing they want, and you get out of the grocery confident that you did the favor perfectly.

This scenario is just but one of the many practical benefits that modern age photography has given humans. It has really become more of an everyday use for people, rather than being a “special occasion” thing. There is almost no limit to what a person can do with modern day technology when it comes to taking pictures.

So, there you go. Photography as a practical tool. It is a beautiful thing and it can be well appreciated. People just need to be reminded however, that there is still an art to photography, and just because your camera can take good quality pictures, does not mean that you can go ahead and brag that you are a photographer. It is still an art and skills are still required before you can be truly considered a photographer.

Simply put, appreciate the convenience that the modern age camera can give you, but give the art enough respect to fully learn it first before recognizing that you are a professional of the field.

Here is a video about photography that you might find helpful: